The Cancer Kickers Soccer Club delivers customized player kits that serve as a symbol of solidarity connecting children across the globe as they face their common opponent – childhood cancer. Through resources and online communities, families are able to connect despite physical barriers. 


In 2019, we approached Cancer Kickers Soccer Club to help us make a donation to kids that have cancer in Venezuela. After a few months, we were able to make it happen and Project Venezuela became true. Thanks to their help, 44 kids in Venezuela received a player's kits to help them fight against their common enemy: cancer. 

Thanks to their help, those kids are filled with hope, happiness and joy. Now, they have an even bigger reason to fight against their rival. 


If you want to make a donation or know how to be a part of The Cancer Kickers Soccer Club, click HERE


Thank you to The Cancer Kickers Soccer Club for creating hope in those children's lives... We'll be forever grateful!